Curatorial Research Bureau
Curatorial Research Bureau

Issue 1, Sep 2018

A monthly communiqué featuring news on programs, publications, exhibitions, students, and faculty with content and activities threaded together by a guiding theme.


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A bookshop, a learning site, an exhibition and public program, Curatorial Research Bureau unites education and consumerism inside a contemporary arts institution, prioritizing context—of art, ideas, people, places, and things—as an active ingredient in the practice of curatorial research.

Curatorial Research Bureau at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco is the hub of learning for the California College of the Arts Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice.


Made possible with funding and support from California College of the Arts and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Produced by Bureau for Open Culture, in collaboration with Motto Books.

This Month

As we launch Curatorial Research Bureau (CRB)—entangled, enmeshed, and tied as it is to California College of the Arts and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, two Bay Area institutions—we find the theme of “institution” especially fitting for our inaugural CRB Dispatch. Indeed, the push and pull, stops and starts that have brought us to this opening of CRB logically impart both the concept and reality of institution to our first issue of Dispatch.

Furthermore, our graduate students in curatorial practice will now, for the first time, bear witness to and participate in the institutional infrastructure of YBCA as an integral part of their pedagogical experience with CCA. We will regularly be immersed in a physical space that is a combined learning site and bookshop with inventory provided in part by Berlin-based Motto Books.

The books, graduate seminars, exhibitions, and public programs highlighted here are considered through the lens of institution, and within that sweeping theme we think about the accumulative impact of social, arts, community, education, and political institutions that shape our understanding of the world, one another, and the production of knowledge. 

James Voorhies, Chair, CCA Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice

In the Bookshop


Selected CRB Programs

on View

Marianne Wex: ‘Let’s Take Back Our Space’

Published in 1979, ‘Let’s Take Back Our Space’: “Female” and “Male” Body Language as a Result of Patriarchal Structure by German artist Marianne Wex is the result of surreptitiously photographing men and women in public spaces around Hamburg. The book features over two thousand photographs by Wex, systematically capturing and cataloguing the “involuntary and unconscious” gestures and body language of men and women caught unawares.

California College of the Arts Seminar Highlight


Talking Contemporary Art

This graduate seminar presents a survey of practices related to contemporary art and exhibition making. It is organized to provide valuable context, framework, and history for students studying fine art, curatorial practice, film, theory, and writing. Students engage with a recent critical discourse in contemporary art, representing a broad range of strategies for cultural production. Classes have visiting practitioners, area field trips, and student-led discussions with readings.

From California College of the Arts Curatorial Practice

CCA Student

Chloe Kwiatkowski

CCA Faculty

Christina Linden


Maria Lind

CCA Alum

Antonia Marsh

On View at Institutions Nearby


Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Bay Area Now 8


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

New Work: Etel Adnan


Wattis Institute

Adam Linder: Full Service


The Lab

Experience It: Shahryar Nashat

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