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Laurel Doody Library Supply

Feb 5–28, 2019
(free and open to the public)

Laurel Doody Library Supply was founded in order to assist artists and curators who publish on a modest scale and whose distribution reach is limited. The project aims to distribute publications beyond their immediate social circles and geographic regions while placing their books in long-term care. As such, each year, Laurel Doody Library Supply curates a collection of publications—a supply. The most recent edition of Library Supply includes titles such as Auckland-based artist Dan Arps’s The Downward Spiral, a notebook consisting of the artist’s drawings, words, and found images. The collection also features the L.A. Tenants Union Handbook, Volume 1. Printed in English and Spanish, the handbook helps tenants educate and organize themselves against illegal evictions. Other titles: Femisphere by Judy Darragh and Imogen Taylor, and the beautifully designed volume Stories of Almost Everyone, edited by curator Aram Moshayedi and published to accompany his exhibition at the Hammer Museum. The list goes on—13 titles (with details below)—makes up the 2018 edition of Library Supply.

Laurel Doody Library Supply donates full sets of their annual collections to five public archives under the condition that they agree to never deaccession the works. Once the collections are placed within their partner archives, they become officially catalogued as part of the Laurel Doody Library Supply Collection: an archive within archives.

This month the CRB has the 2018 collection of Library Supply on view with the intention to place the entire collection with a Bay Area library or institution: distribution within distribution.

Laurel Doody was a project space in Los Angeles’s Miracle Mile that operated from April 2015 through April 2016. The artist Fiona Connor ran Laurel Doody out of her apartment on Cloverdale Avenue. Laurel Doody presented works by artists such as Kate Newby, Keaton Macon, and Daniel Malone, among others. The Library Supply project seeks to continue building relationships with artists and curators, further developing the distribution network initiated at Laurel Doody.  

Case Studies identifies a book to unfurl into an exhibition of archival materials, photographic reproductions, periodicals, ephemera, sound, and text that amplify ideas explored by the featured publication.