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Julia Born: New Forms of Reading / New Forms of Design


Wed, Feb 6, 2019
6–7:30 pm
(free and open to the public)

In her wide-ranging practice, Swiss designer Julia Born explores new ways of engaging with textual and visual material on the printed page and in the exhibition site. She has works in close dialogue with artists, such as Uta Eisenreich, Shannon Ebner, Moyra Davey, Michael Auder, and Wendelien van Oldenborgh, to translate content—photography, film, and speech—into the book form. She creates structure for ideas and images, while simultaneously making material comprehensible and pushing other pathways for interpreting it. Her field of design research proposes different forms of reading content through the careful selection and sequencing of images, blank spaces, and writing.

Born presents a selection of publications and exhibitions within the context of how she formulates new narratives responsive to the conceptual, formal and material conditions present. This event is organized in partnership with CCA MFA Design and swissnex San Francisco, with support from Pro Helvetia.

Call + Response is an open invitation to cultural producers in fields of design, architecture, humanities, civic affairs, urban planning, and more who want to connect with Curatorial Research Bureau to insert their ideas into the public realm for dialogue. The format speaks to a long history of democratic participation, projecting thoughts and ideas in public gatherings where speaking and listening—call and response—are equally valued as essential parts of public discourse.