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Zoë Ryan—Taking Positions: Making Architecture and Design Exhibitions


Thu, Nov 1, 2018
6–7:30 pm
(free and open to the public)

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Zoë Ryan in conversation with CCA’s Dean of Design, Helen Maria Nugent, and James Voorhies, CCA’s Chair of the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice. Organized in partnership with CCA Design Division.

Exhibitions have long played a crucial role in defining disciplinary histories. They mark pivotal moments in time, articulate points of urgency, suggest future directions, and document the environment in which new narratives or arguments unfold. Today, the fields of architecture and design, spurred by a multitude of cross-cultural and global conversations, are opening up to new definitions, ways of working, and design and production processes. This talk will explore the changing role of architecture and design exhibitions and how they position and exchange ideas.

Call + Response is an open invitation to Bay Area cultural producers in fields of design, architecture, humanities, civic affairs, urban planning, and more who want to connect with Curatorial Research Bureau to insert their ideas into the public realm for dialogue. The format speaks to a long history of democratic participation, projecting thoughts and ideas in public gatherings where speaking and listening—call and response—are equally valued as essential parts of public discourse.